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As an award-winning SaaS provider, TeamSpirit is a valued Salesforce Partner Since 2010.

We specialise in an integrated approach combining multiple business functions with technology, artificial intelligence and data. Salesforce is the world’s leading cloud computing solution, frequently deployed by software providers globally.

At TeamSpirit, we strive to serve more medium-sized and large enterprises with our premium software solutions.

Introducing TeamSpirit EX

TeamSpirit EX is a modular workflow system built on cloud.

This is a one-stop platform that can span across multiple systems to provide a seamless digital experience for our users.

It includes the following solutions:
> Expense
> Attendance
> Time Tracking
> Professional Service Automation (PSA)

Now we can focus on doing work we love.

"The TeamSpirit solution is popular because it is so intuitive--employees can figure out how to use the system easily without reading any manuals. Whenever there is a change in any company system, the most troublesome thing lies in the training for users and how to use the new system. In the case of TeamSpirit, the interface was designed for the general user, so even staffs who are not IT-savvy can use it."

--Mr. Tatsuro Yamakawa, Manager, System Planning Department, Japan Asia Group Co., Ltd.

"When selecting a cloud service, the most important factor we considered was how to maintain a high level of security. TeamSpirit is built on Salesforce, so security standards are well recognised across the industry. We decided to adopt TeamSpirit because it met the strict requirements of the specifications we created."

--Mr. Shigeki Mukamoto, Tokyo Midtown Management Department, MS Corporation Division. Tokyo Midtown Clinic has >600 staffs.

"At IS Partner Inc, we are committed to building a Beauty X IT specialist community. For this reason, we are actively promoting women-- apart from directors, 100% of our employees are women. There are many mothers amongst our staffs who are raising children.

Sometimes unexpected situations happen. For instance, a mother might have a small child who suddenly fall sick, or she might have to pick the child up from lessons. In such cases, it is not possible for the manager to monitor the staff leaving the office so suddenly. This is why we appreciate the “Chatter” function in TeamSpirit. Chatter actively shares the status of attendance and work, so that staffs who are far away can understand each other’s movements."

--WEB Production Management Department Manager
Ms. Mami Ikeura
IS Partner Inc

"In our organization, there are always non-Japanese executives at the management levels and in other headquarters. This implies, for example, that if a department manager submits a leave application, the application data must be in English So, when considering the attendance system, we made sure to check if the software provider has English version. However, many did not have it.

They suggested that it is possible to support English if we customize the software. However, language customization will incur a resource cost. In this light, TeamSpirit was the best fit when we looked for something that was compatible with English and was able to handle English by default."

--Regional Human Resources Department Senior Manager
Yuka Takeuchi, Evonik, Global MNC

"The TeamSpirit software encourages less overtime work. When doing overtime work, staffs and management may not be conscious that they are doing so. So when it is visualized in the TeamSpirit report, both the department heads and staffs tend to be surprised. They would then start to discuss the situation and make improvements to reducing overtime work."

--Head of Management Promotion Office, Headquarters
Nana Eto, Daiso Pte Ltd