Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy

TeamSpirit Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction and contributing to society by delivering an information system service based on world-class technology. We consider that ensuring security is not only a social responsibility, it is of the paramount importance in protecting our customers' information assets in a safe, reliable manner.
For that reason we have established our Information Security Policy and are committed to making utmost efforts to continually improve security.

1. Our Approach to Information Security

We consider information security to be of extreme importance, and all of our executives and employees continually strive to ensure and to enhance information security.

2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We observe the laws and norms of Japan regarding information security [Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Information System Security Standards, etc.) and are committed to fulfilling our security obligations to our customers and handling information assets in an appropriate manner.

3. Protection of Information Assets

We have put protective measures in place to protect information assets from threats, and we continually improve our information security management.

4. Accident Prevention and Response

We strive to prevent information security accidents, and in the unlikely occurrence of an accident, we will quickly respond and take appropriate preventive measures to prevent further accidents.

Established April 2010
TeamSpirit Inc.

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